“Approved” Skin Care Products for hCG

Everyone wants the highest quality products to use on their skin, but they can be difficult to find. Fortunately, there’s one easy method you can use to find products that are great for the skin, and don’t contain anything dangerous or unhealthy. All you have to do is look for HCG skincare products, which are skincare products made for people on the HCG diet. And no, you don’t have to actually go on the diet to use the products.
What’s so special about these products? Well, the HCG diet has very strict requirements on what those on the diet can put on their skin. This means that HCG skincare products are completely oil-free and free of dangerous chemicals like parabens, which have been linked to cancer, as well as being free of synthetic fragrances, which are known to cause allergic reactions in many people.
As you can imagine, this makes these products useful for pretty much anyone. Anyone concerned about the dangerous effects of parabens won’t have to worry about these products. Those with allergies and sensitive skin benefit from the lack of allergens present in the ingredients. And naturally, those actually following the HCG diet benefit by not having to give up all their beauty products while losing weight.
You may be wondering where exactly you can find these products. Fortunately, there’s a company called HCG Diet Skincare that has dedicated itself to making these kinds of skin care products exclusively. They offer most of the basic skincare products you would expect from any skincare company. They have a body wash, anti-aging cream, moisturizer, and even a massage product. All of their products meet the strict requirements of the HCG diet, so you don’t have to worry about some products being free of chemicals, but others containing dangerous toxins, like you might with other companies.
No matter what your skincare situation, HCG Diet Skincare’s products are certainly worth having a look. If nothing else, comparing their toxin-free ingredients to the ones in the products you’re currently using should give you an idea of where you stand now.


  1. Chloe says:

    Some may suggest that it is better to use natural cosmetics for they are safe. But don’t you know that natural or organic versions are among the worst offenders? Yes, for generally, organic products have more allergens and they are even in their purest form.

  2. Chloe says:

    Likely, some products uses kiwi or nut oil…Some people may have allergy from those. So, if you have a certain allergy…then, read the ingredients being used before you apply the product on your skin.

  3. Vanessa Chobanian says:

    Ehicj Arbonne face products, especially soap can I use on my face when on HCG?

  4. Vanessa Chobanian says:

    Which Arbonne face products, especially soap can I use on my face with HCG???

  5. admin says:

    Almost all products are good for hCG, just double check the ingredients to make sure there is no oils.

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