Foods that Cause Acne

Skin Regimen

Acne is caused by an overproduction of oil which clogs the pores and allows them to accumulate dirt and bacteria. This accumulation causes the cysts we know as acne. Knowing what foods cause acne and what treatments are available to alleviate the condition can help you enjoy clear, healthy skin. Because acne is caused by oil, it goes without saying that foods that are high in oil are likely … [Read more...]

What Causes Forehead Acne?


Forehead acne outbreaks are one of the most common, and most unpleasant, forms of acne. The forehead is a frequent site of acne outbreaks because of its location and its predisposition to retain sweat, which can help dirt and bacteria accumulate in pores clogged with excess oil. Understanding what causes forehead acne is helpful in choosing an appropriate treatment for it. Acne’s root cause … [Read more...]