Why The PH Level Of Our Skin Is Important

skin care ph levels

The acid mantle of the skin is our body’s first line of defense against microorganisms, toxins and wind. Though often overlooked, it’s this fine, slightly acidic pH film on the surface of the skin that is responsible for protecting our body from the external environment. The skin regulates our temperature, prevents harmful bacteria from entering into our body, and takes in oxygen. A normal … [Read more...]

Acne Diet Tips

acne diet tips

If you want to eradicate acne once and for all, you have to start fighting from the inside out. Acne is caused by so much more than greasy fingers and unwashed faces. What we eat often triggers a flare-up of acne, whether we realize it or not. In fact, the food we ingest is used by our bodies the same way we use medications. Therefore, if medications can impact acne, it stands to reason that food … [Read more...]

Foods That Help Skin Problems

foods for healthy skin

Our ancient ancestors spent their days hunting deer and gathering berries in the forests. Today, our idea of “hunting and gathering” involves driving to the nearest pizzeria or drive-thru. There are a number of proponents who support a more natural diet that harkens back to a simpler time – before fried foods, microwavable conveniences, and fattening grease became our staples. Watching what … [Read more...]

MSM Cream – The New Wonder Cream!

msm cream

The best ingredients for our skin come from nature. We come into contact with so many man-made toxins every day, that the best way to heal ourselves is by learning from plants that have a natural immunity to aging processes. MSM Rejuvenator With Topical Ester C contains a therapeutic blend of ingredients that rejuvenate the skin’s natural ability to protect itself against wrinkles and excessive … [Read more...]

Why Coconut Milk Is Good for Your Skin

coconut milk skin miracle

With all the strange, unpronounceable ingredients in skin creams these days, sometimes it's good to just go back to the basics. There are plenty of perfectly natural products that can do wonders for the skin, with coconut milk being one of the best examples. Coconut milk has a host of benefits for the skin that you might not be aware of. The great thing about Coconut milk is that it's extremely … [Read more...]

Skin Benefits of Epsom Salt

Woman in bubble bath

Epsom salt has been used for hundreds of years to treat a number of different conditions. It is well known for its ability to do everything from relieving muscle aches to even helping with the common cold. But what many people don't know is that Epsom salts are also exceptionally good for the skin. Exactly what are the skin benefits of Epsom salt? The answer is in the magnesium content of the … [Read more...]

Healthy Foods for Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

Everyone knows it's important to eat healthy to have a healthy body, but many people forget this when it comes to their skin. The fact is, it's just as important to eat well for your skin as it is for the rest of your body. There are even certain specific foods that you can eat in order to keep your skin healthy. What are they? The first should come as no surprise to anyone. Your mother always … [Read more...]

Smoking is bad for you … inside and out!

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Smoking Damages Face Everyone knows smoking is bad for health. It causes many diseases and many people die due to smoking related illness every year. But still millions of people smoke cigarettes every day. One thing every smoker might not know is that cigarettes can damage your skin and looks. Smokers get wrinkles on their face much earlier than the non smokers. They look a lot older than … [Read more...]

Lemons are powerful for the skin!


Lemon is a powerful fruit that has limitless uses. It’s used in many things including cleaning products skin care products, and lots more. Lemon contains vitamin C which is great for your skin and body. We use moisturizers for our skin that contain lemon to make it look healthy and glowing. But moisturizers contain other ingredients too which don’t allow the lemon to be too effective on the … [Read more...]