hCG and Your Skin

Is the hCG Diet is good for your skin?

More and more medical professionals are turning to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) as part of their fight against obesity. Studies show that a calorie-restricted diet, along with hCG, significantly improves weight loss.

Did you know hCG contains added benefits for the skin as well?  Taking hCG helps reset the hypothyroid, boosts the metabolism and increases and individual’s capacity to break down fat. According to HCG And The Weight Loss Cure (2007), C. Jones says, “It is said to protect the endogenous fat and muscle which the body needs to stay healthy, but also [avoids the] sagging and loose skin known of excessive weight loss.” According to marketers, trials revealed that hCG diet drops had the surprise effect of diminishing the signs of premature aging like wrinkles, sun spots, dark eye circles and scarring.

It is very important to be mindful of your skin care regimen when you are on the hCG diet. Most commercial lotions, creams and cosmetics contain animal lipids – and fat matters, even when applied topically! Sometimes when fatty substances are absorbed into the bloodstream, the body mistakes them for hormones, which may disturb your weight loss. In his book, Pounds and Inches, Dr. Simeons recommends looking for special fat-free beauty products. He also says you must avoid products containing “dyes, paints, hormone, animal adipose and vegetable oil,” so look for “organic”  and read your labels.

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