Intro to Clay

I have recently discovered one of my NEW favorite products:  Calcium Bentonite Clay.

This rare desert clay is obtained from a sub-surface mine and used in spas across the world.  Dating back as far as Cleopatra, this beauty secret has so many benefits…and they are MORE than skin deep.

It can, for example, be used topically, in a clay bath, a poultice, internally (YES!  You can drink it!) and each method has its own specific benefits.  The clay works due to the processes knows as adsorption and absorption.  Feel free to read this if you are interested in more details.

When used as a facial, it deep cleans the pores by removing dirt and impurities.  Pimples and blemishes are absorbed into the clay, accelerating the clearing and nourishing process.  Continued use results in more beautiful, healthier skin as your skin becomes clean, refreshed and alive.

Another use is a full body detox – clay baths.  These can be prepared by adding 1-2 cups of dry powder clay under the water tap as you fill your tub.  Starting with HOT water, stir until dissolved, then begin adding cooler water to reach comfortable temperature for soaking.  Please know that if you are on prescription medication, the clay bath can actually pull metals from your body and reduce the efficacy of your medications.  However, if all is well, a clay bath with warm water is a wonderfully relaxing event.  Maximum suggested bath time is 15 to 20 minutes or else you could feel fatigue and muscle aches and soreness from trying to detox too quickly!  It is that strong!  It also stimulates the lymphatic system and creates a positive pH for your body neutralizing acidity by regular use.

There are many benefits of this wonderful resource.  I encourage you to do some research and learn what it can do for you.

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