Skin Care product for hCG

You want to get healthy while on the HCG Diet, so don’t compromise what you put on your body!

Even the slightest bit of oil in body products absorb through the skin and can ruin the entire hCG Diet. This oil free skincare product restriction can’t be taken lightly for optimum weight loss results!  This applies to everything used on the body during the diet such as face and body  lotions, cleansers, soaps, body washes, make-up and men’s shaving  products.

GOLDEN ESSENCE™ Skincare products are the ONLY Clinically tested, Clinically formulated hCG Diet Approved Skin Care products developed specifically to be used with the hCG Diet!   Every product is a custom formulation (not a private label) and has been clinically tested on men, women and children during the hCG Diet and carries the hCG Diet Council Seal of Approval.

Always look for products that are paraben free and synthetic fragrance free.

These products are  are natural, pure, healthy and void of synthetic fragrances and toxic preservatives.

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  1. Ginger says:

    I tried some of the HCG Diet Skincare products and they are awesome! I have always had sensitive skin and no one ever told me that it’s probably all the synthetic perfumes and chemicals in other lotions I’ve used that I was reacting to. I’m getting along fantastic with these and love them! Your website is gorgeous and good to see other people are recommending these products too. Thanks!

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