Smoking is bad for you … inside and out!

Smoking Damages Face

Everyone knows smoking is bad for health. It causes many diseases and many people die due to smoking related illness every year. But still millions of people smoke cigarettes every day.

One thing every smoker might not know is that cigarettes can damage your skin and looks. Smokers get wrinkles on their face much earlier than the non smokers. They look a lot older than their real age. The face of a smoker becomes grey, pale and wrinkled due to continuous smoking.

Smoking has more effect on women than men. Young ladies start seeing wrinkles and pale skin in their early 30’s and it becomes very difficult for them to quit smoking. Anti wrinkle creams are useless for them unless they actually stop smoking.

Continuous smoking causes the loss of skin glow and liveliness and makes the skin look ashy. Deep wrinkles start appearing around the mouth and eyes. You might not see the damage on your face until you keep smoking for over 10 years continuously.

If a person stops smoking, their skin damage won’t become completely normal again but it could get a lot better with the right diet and good skin care products. So it’s a better idea to quit as early as possible to avoid the face damage.

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